French Manicure Nail Tutorial

A French Manicure is the most elegant style of painting your Nails with a very good natural look. So here´s a How to do of French Nails Naildesign. For the case that the classic french manicure is too conservative for your own style, try your own color combination. Instead of neutral and white polishes, use Blue, yellow or what else, with black tips, white with silver tips or red with gold tips. There is no limit to create your own style, with your favourite colors.

How to do a French Manicure


Step 1 – Get your nails clean an file them

Wash your hands and dry your nails! Any good manicure starts with scrubbing your hands and your nails, till all the dirt and grime is completely gone.

Schöne Hände und Fingernägel

Use a quality file instead of any cheap metal ones. For a classic finish, your nails shouldn’t be too long. Medium length, with a smooth, oval shape, will look perfect for your french manicure naildesign.
Use cuticle clippers to remove stray hangnails that are caused by dry skin and push the cuticles back gently – really gently.

Step 2 – Paint your fingernails

After filing your fingernails to a perfect shape, paint your entire nails with a base coat colour and let them dry. Don´t continue too quick with the next step, let the coat good dry. Keep this base coat thin and even. If you tend to have a problem with painting your Nails cleanly, apply a little petroleum jelly on the skin of your fingernails around your nails. This keeps the polish from sticking to your skin if you should slip up, while painting.

Step 3 – Fine your fingertips

Now, the tricky Part to style a french manicure, is brushing white Polish onto your fingernails. Take special care, so that you stay within the guides and get no white polish on the lower part of the nails. Just paint your fingertips with the white polish.

French Nagellack auftragen

Finish for your Nails with a Clear Top Coat

The last Step to finish your Manicure, is to paint the entire nails with a transparent top coat.
This will help your manicure stay fresh longer, by protecting it and it gives your nails a shiny and unified gloss. To extend the life of your french manicure and to keep your nails nice and looking more-groomed, you should apply an extra Layer of clear top coat on your nails.

Frenchnails Top Coat

Well Done, now you got a really good looking french manicure naildesign.